Crystal soul readings.

I offer Crystal Soul Readings to support both healing and spiritual development. I will be guided to work with a specific crystal or a combination of crystals, to help bring about greater clarity and understanding to aspects of your life. Each reading is unique and with the use of both oracle and tarot cards I am able gain further context around the unconscious parts of the self and patterns that may surface to be acknowledged and healed. The intention is to inspire and guide you towards a more balanced state, in alignment with your souls purpose. 

Readings are voice recorded and emailed to you along with a personalised PDF booklet containing further information about your crystal, cleansing and application. 

At the time of my reading my thoughts were a little erratic at times, often negative. I had days where I struggled to see any positives and had a lack of energy. I was quite emotional, felt out of balance and anxious.

Since my reading and having the crystal at home, things have settled down for me. I'm really busy but able to cope with it. Most days I feel I have endless amounts of energy, I feel really good. I'm much more focused and positive.


Rebecca (UK)