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We have all had moments when we know something has to shift in life. Moments that are either, make or break, sink or swim - life has a strange way of nudging us down the path we should be on.


There have been 4 major pivotal moments in my life. Moments when the universe stepped in and knocked me right off my pedestal of most resistance. Reluctant to see the lessons at the time or just too intoxicated in some instances, I did deservedly fall, and very painfully too. But as the price on my health and wellbeing got higher, the less I was able to avoid the inevitable changes that were needed. Each lesson, not only brought about greater healing and inner awareness but even amidst the pain, an incredible sense of gratitude. I learnt the hard way, that when we take, even the smallest step towards our life purpose, from that moment on, we are fully guided - all the way.


Presently, humanity is undergoing a major paradigm shift. We are living in times of major environmental, economical, social and technological change. Gathering collectively online rather than in person is the new norm and in order to survive and thrive uncertain times we also need to make changes and adjustments in our lives. Finding more meaning, connection and presence within ourselves, a sense oneness rather than loneliness is crucial. 


Connecting with our inner truth and the creative force that flows within each of us, we can release the limiting patterns, behaviours and beliefs that hold us back in life. From this place, Reborn has organically evolved. A culmination of over 20 years experience working with art and addiction recovery, yoga and therapeutic energy healing. Inspired and supported by nature, indigenous teachings, ritual and ceremony, each programme uniquely acknowledges and honours the sacred within each of us. I believe, it is only through healing the fragmented aspects of ourselves, that we can fully embrace a life of purpose, authenticity and fulfilment. 

I share Reborn, my own lifes purpose with you and if you feel called to do so, I invite you to embark on the path to do the same for others.